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The House Democratic Campaign Committee was incorporated in 1995 as a statewide organization to help Democratic incumbents and candidates win election to the Washington State House of Representatives. Our mission is to provide grassroots, strategic, and monetary support in order to maintain a Democratic majority in the state Legislature.


Chair Joe Fitzgibbon

Message from the Chair: 

As House Democrats, we are proud of our record of leading our state forward on the issues that matter to Washingtonians. From providing COVID relief and quality healthcare, to strong educational opportunities for all, to growing our economy by investing in infrastructure and human capital, to caring for neighbors in need, to protecting our state’s unique and cherished natural environment, we have delivered for the people of our state.

We’re committed to delivering more in the years to come. Growing our middle class, making sure we’re ready for the economy of the future, and funding our paramount duty, our schools, continue to require the strong leadership of House Democrats.

These needs don’t follow district lines. That’s why the House Democratic Campaign Committee works to elect House Democrats to lead our state forward in every corner of the state. We work to strengthen the Democratic House majority in Olympia‚Äďa majority we have held since 2001.

But we can’t do it without your help! Visit our site often to learn about the outstanding work House Democrats are doing and the great candidates we have working to spread the Democratic message across our state.

Fitzgibbon Signature
Representative Joe Fitzgibbon, HDCC Chair

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