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LD 44, Pos. 2

About April Berg:

April Berg is a mother, former small business owner and serves on the Everett school board. Berg’s lived in Snohomish County for 20 years. After Everett was the first in the country to have a coronavirus case, Berg pushed the district to provide hundreds of thousands of meals to kids at home and get laptops and Wi-Fi to families who need it.

In Olympia Berg will fight for everyone to have a fair shot in an economy that works for regular people:

Everyone deserves a shot at a good paying job, not just those who go to a 4-year college. Berg will help create a career and technical education diploma for Washington State high schools. She will also invest in job training and community support for veterans.

Berg will fight for opportunity for every student. That means educating the whole child, including a quality education and supporting mental and social health. We also need more local investments in our schools to balance remote learning with quality and continuous education and she will ensure every kid has access to the digital tools and high-speed broad band they need to continue to learn.

Reducing the cost of health care. of prescription drugs and limit out-of-pocket costs on all health insurance programs. She will also work to protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, including those who test positive for the coronavirus.

Property and sales tax reform. We need to reduce the burden on hard working local families and seniors. To protect critical healthcare and school funding from cuts in a recession, she will fight to close corporate tax loopholes and make sure corporations and the very wealthy pay their fair share

About Mark James:

James’ values are out of touch.

Anti-women. James has shared posts on social media claiming women with tattoos must have STDs and are mentally unsound and that a real man does not put his woman first. James supports defunding Planned Parenthood and will join Republicans in Olympia who are attempting to end all legal abortions, including in cases of rape and incest.

Supports rolling back protections for pre-existing conditions. James will join Republicans in Olympia who support rolling back insurance coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions, which would allow insurance companies to refuse to cover basic care needs like hospitalization and prescription drugs, and charge older Americans higher rates for their age.

Conspiracy theorist. James regularly engages with and shares conspiracy theories online that say the US Government is operated by a ring of pedophiles and sex traffickers and that COVID-19 was started by Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci to gain power and profit..


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