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LD 42, Pos. 2

About Sharon Shewmake:

Sharon Shewmake is a mom and agricultural and natural resource economist. Shewmake makes her decisions based on data. She works with Republicans and Democrats to create practical solutions. She wrote laws to expand access to childcare in rural areas, worked with farmers on sustainable farming, and is on the state’s business recovery task force to rebuild the economy.

•Shewmake will work to help small businesses stay open safely and making it easier for them to grow and create jobs. She will push for help for restaurants, retail stores, and offices to create safe work environments, and for them to have the resources they need, like PPE.

•Shewmake will fight to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and limit out-of-pocket costs on all health insurance programs. She will also work to protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

•We cannot rely on foreign countries for essential medical supplies. Shewmake will invest in medical supply manufacturing here in Whatcom County, to grow manufacturing jobs and ensure we have the health supplies we need.

•Shewmake will fight to increase access to high-speed broadband to close the digital divide and ensure that rural communities can access telehealth, remote education, and have the tools to work and run small businesses.

About Jennifer Sefzik:

Sefzik’s values are out of step with Washington.

Siding with drug and insurance companies on health care. Sefzik has taken thousands of dollars from the health insurance and pharmaceutical industry. Now, even during a pandemic, she wants to roll back health care programs like Medicaid and protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Instead, Sefzik wants to allow only private insurance that can charge people hundreds of dollars more for pre-existing conditions like diabetes, cancer and the coronavirus.

Anti-choice. Sefzik supports defunding Planned Parenthood and will join allies in Olympia who are attempting to end all legal abortions, including in cases of rape and incest.

Opposes same-sex marriage and will join allies in Olympia who voted to protect conversion therapy. Conversion therapy allows parents to force their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender children to go to an unlicensed and untrained therapist to try to make their children be straight. Doctors say this therapy doesn’t work and in fact causes long term damage to the victims.

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