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LD 26, Pos. 1

Carrie Hesch

Carrie Hesch works at the Washington Corrections Center for Women running wellness and rehabilitation programs. She helps connect women to trade programs and local community colleges so after they serve their time they have the skills they need to get a stable job.

Hesch will work to rebuild an economy that works for everyone, not just big corporations.

  • Hesch has spent her career connecting people with trade programs and community colleges to expand opportunity for everyone. That’s why Hesch proposes creating a career and technical education diploma for Washington State high schools. This program would provide an alternate pathway to traditional high school graduation.
  • As an active member of her union, Hesch has fought for worker protections and safe working environments. More needs to be done to protect workers now. Hesch will fight to help employers provide effective PPE to workers and set up clear guidelines for businesses to operate safely.
  • We cannot rely on foreign countries for essential medical supplies. Hesch will invest in medical supply manufacturing here in Puget Sound, to grow manufacturing jobs and ensure we have the health supplies we need.

Jesse Young

Young’s values are out of step with Washington.

Stands with Shea. Young works closely with State Representative Matt Shea, who was investigated for being a white nationalist and domestic terrorism. Young said he would “stand with you brother” as Shea was investigated for domestic terrorism and ultimately sanctioned. Young also joined Shea to lead an effort to force Bible study in all public schools, using taxpayer dollars to force one religion on all students in Washington.

Voted to protect conversion therapy. Conversion therapy allows parents to force their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender children to go to an unlicensed and untrained therapist to try to make their children be straight. Methods include forced prayer, solitary confinement, forced interactions with the opposite sex and even electroshock therapy. Doctors say this therapy doesn’t work and in fact causes long term damage to the victims.

Repeated ethics violations. Washington’s Legislative Ethics Board fined Young thousands of dollars for illegally using taxpayer dollars to fund his political campaign repeatedly. Young forced a member of his legislative staff to work on his political campaign in order to keep her job and illegally used taxpayer dollars to pay her. Young also used taxpayer dollars to host campaign events and print political fliers.

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