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LD 25, Pos. 1

About Jamie Smith:

Jamie Smith is a high school teacher and works with a non-profit teaching character development based on stories from Medal of Honor recipients. As a teacher, Smith knows how to work together to solve problems. She will work with Republicans and Democrats to ensure schools have the resources during the pandemic and rebuild our economy to work for everyone.

  • Smith will end using portables to teach kids. In the face of an 8 billion dollar state budget deficit, Smith will protect school funding.
  • As a teacher, Smith knows the value of skills and technical training beyond college. That’s why she proposes creating a career and technical education diploma for Washington State high schools. This program would provide an alternate pathway to traditional high school graduation.
  • We cannot rely on foreign countries for essential medical supplies. Smith will invest in medical supply manufacturing here in Puget Sound, to grow manufacturing jobs and ensure we have the health supplies we need.
  • Duthie will fight to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and limit out-of-pocket costs on all health insurance programs. He will also work to protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, including those who test positive for the coronavirus.


About Kelly Chambers:

Chambers’ values are out of step with Washington.

Endangering public health. Chambers has taken thousands of dollars from the health insurance and pharmaceutical industry and, even during a pandemic, Chambers want to roll back health care programs like Medicaid, replacing them with private insurance that can charge people hundreds of dollars more and may not cover COVID testing. Chambers also questions the need for vaccines, even during the pandemic.

Negligent, allowed a criminal to work for her leading to a man’s death. Chambers operates a long-term care business for the elderly. Chambers is responsible for hiring new employees and conducting background checks. She failed to conduct a background check on an employee who was a criminal and was uncertified for working with vulnerable and elderly adults. The uncertified worker robbed and abused an elderly man, causing the man so much distress he died. Chambers was sued for neglect. She then tried used her position in Olympia to limit grieving families’ ability to sue for wrongful death.

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