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LD 10, Pos. 2

About Dave Paul:

Dave Paul is an educator at Skagit Valley College, where he helps create paths of opportunity for Washingtonians who deserve a good paying job but aren’t going to a four year college. Paul led the expansion of support for veteran students, including implementing a program to allow current military and defense employees to earn a degree. In Olympia, Paul voted to grant veterans and their children in-state tuition prices for college and is working to protect the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.

Paul is working to help Northwest Washingtonians recover from the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. He pushed to expand unemployment and improve public health infrastructure. He also wrote bills to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. Paul believes we cannot rely on foreign countries for essential medical supplies. We need to rebuild our economy by making medical supplies right here in Washington, which will create good paying jobs and reduce our reliance on foreign manufacturing in the process. Rebuilding our economy also means expanding apprenticeships and career and technical education, helping small businesses grow, and reining in the cost of health care.

Bill Bruch:

Bill Bruch is not trustworthy.

He mismanages funds and has stolen from the elderly. In 1998, Bruch was sued for losing an elderly woman’s entire life savings, leaving her penniless after skipping town with her money. When the case reached the trial, Bruch failed to even show up. Bruch was also sued for more than a million dollars for mismanaging funds.

He supports white nationalists. Bruch supports and defends Matt Shea, a man who was kicked out of the Republican Party within the legislature after an FBI investigation found Shea helping plan acts of white nationalism and domestic terrorism. Shea also advocated replacing the government with a theocracy and the “killing of all males who do not agree.” Bruch called Shea a quote “patriot.”

He supports major roll backs of health insurance protections. Bruch supports rolling back coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions, which would allow insurance companies to refuse to cover basic care needs like hospitalization and prescription drugs, and charge an age tax for older Americans.

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