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LD 10, Pos. 1

About Angie Homola:

Angie Homola is an architect and carpenter, as well as a former Island County Commissioner. She has the experience, accountability and compassion to steer our state out of tough times and to set us on course for a sustainable future.

After exposing an elected official’s abuse of office and misappropriation of tax dollars in 2001, Angie ran for Island County Commissioner to restore transparency and legitimacy to her local government. She took office at the onset of the Great Recession and began an era of respectful and equal representation for every citizen through transparency, accountability, and compassion. She worked collaboratively to make prudent cuts while maintaining vital public services for health care, seniors, children, veterans, housing, and environmental protections.

Angie and her family moved to Oak Harbor in 1997, where her husband served our country as a naval aviator and her children attended public schools. She has spent the last 23 years volunteering in the communities of the 10th LD, including teaching enrichment courses in the public school system, helping pass levies that brought hot lunches to school children in need, and forming an environmental non-profit to protect a publicly-owned coastal lagoon.

About Greg Gilday:

Greg Gilday’s values are out of step with Washington.

Gilday = More Traffic
Greg Gilday advocates for more clear-cut developments in rural and semi-rural areas so that he and his donors can sell more luxury homes. This means more traffic and less open space. Why else would the National Realtors PAC spend over $220,000 to get him elected, more than any other candidate in the state?

Gilday = Short-Sighted Planning
Greg Gilday fought to develop a privately-controlled sewage plant in the middle of historic downtown Stanwood. Because it was an environmental and community disaster, more than 400 residents rallied against Gilday and stopped his smelly, greedy plan. 

Gilday = More tax burden on YOU, But Tax relief for giant corporations
The current tax structure relies on everyday Washingtonians paying way more than their fare share while building in loopholes and lower tax rates for billionaires and multi-billion dollar corporations like Amazon. Greg Gilday thinks the status quo works and that Amazon can’t spare another penny.

Gilday = Less Public School Funding
Greg Gilday wants taxpayer money diverted to unregulated charter schools, which rarely make it to rural areas and deplete funds from our local schools. Combined with his promise to reduce the state budget, Gilday’s plans will decimate our schools.



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